Summary: AMEE Live Online, an update on participation and new features from John Dent during AMEE 2014 in Milan. Description: AMEE Live Online has been running from the conference again this year. We have been able to transmit to participants in 31 countries worldwide including Western Australia and Sudan. Nineteen symposia and three plenary sessions have been broadcast together with discussions, interviews with speakers and numerous box pops from delegates. Transmission with Richard Jolly TV’s team has worked well and it was great to hear by TXT from Khartoum that the transmissions from AMEE 2014 in Milan were not only being clearly received but that onward transmission from there to Alfashir Medical College in Darfur state had also been possible. Simultaneous transmission of each of the symposia (A&B) meant having a separate TV and front of house team. Ken Masters, Debbie Murdoch-Eaton and John Dent together with Sofie and Melike from the student team have been able to lead these transmissions and interviews. Despite there being great activity in the “Twitter sphere” during each event there have only been few questions from AMEE Live Online to contribute to the discussion.

This year is has been possible to focus the pre-recorded interviews on representatives of the various activities and resources AMEE provides. These recordings are used to play out during the coffee and lunch breaks in the conference and maintain the continuity of the programme for the recipients elsewhere. There is much more to AMEE Live Online than just a simple broadcast of a conference session. Our President, Trudie Roberts, and Ronald Harden the General Secretary sent greeting early in the conference to the online participants. The alumni from previous ESME courses, presenters of Short Communication sessions and Posters have been interviewed, and members of the AMEE Executive and AMEE Ambassadors have all shared their opinions on the role of the conference and the hot topics this year. It has been good as well to interview delegates from countries where there are only 1-2 representative attending the conference. AMEE has a reputation as being a friendly Association and of holding a friendly conference. For this reason a special reception is held each year for delegates from those countries which may appear to be underrepresented at the time.

Finally, it has been possible through the AMEE Live Online facility to highlight the resources which are available to individuals and institutions worldwide through membership of AMEE. MedEdWorld, the ESME courses, AMEE guides and the journal, Medical Teacher, together with the ASPIRE initiative are all ways in which medical education can be supported by AMEE.