Summary: AMEE Milan 2014 - Trudie Roberts muses on the meeting Description: So the signs have come down, the exhibitors’ booths have packed up and the last few SPICES cubes have been scooped up by excited participants on their way home. Now is a brief time for relaxation and reflection.

I have always enjoyed AMEE meetings hence attending every year since 1993 with one exception. Never in those early years did I think for a moment I would become AMEE president but it happened and I am immensely proud and honoured to be in the role.

What have been my personal highlights? Well one obvious one was seeing colleagues from Leeds receive the Aspire award for assessment. That their hard work and dedication has been recognised is gratifying. Additionally that the School of Medicine and the University has made much of this award is an outward sign of the high regard medical education is held in Leeds.

A second highlight was the buzz I felt in the air at coffee and lunchtime. I know a lot of new friendships and collaborations will be developed as a result of these often chance encounters. I enjoyed and was challenged by all the plenaries in very different ways. I attended many meetings with colleagues from all over the world, renewing old friendships and developing new ones.

Do I have any regrets? Minors one only – not being able to attend as many presentations as I would have liked but I guess I’m not alone in that. Oh the tyranny of choice. The loss of power on the second day was also a tense time. I can only imagine how stressful it must have been for those colleagues who were due to present their work just after lunch. Still as Nietzsche remarked ‘that which does not kill us makes us stronger” (No, he wasn’t at the conference….) and the fortitude and good humour with which attendees bore this and other more minor niggles pays testament to their academic professionalism.

I do hope you had a good conference and experienced the three things which I think are important: to learn something new, to be taken out of one’s comfort zone and finally to have fun.

Thanks to the people of Milan who made us feel welcome. Safe travels home and I look forward to meeting again in Glasgow in 2015.