Summary: Peak experience, everything in this Global meeting is provoking peak experience. Ali Tareq shares his experience of AMEE 2013. Description: This is my first experience with Amee annual conference and I will continue attending it as long as I am living.
Really the conference transcend our expectation and prejudices about conferences and meeting in general, it was marvelous with a transformative educational impact. I attended the faculty development which gave me insight and a road map about the way I can improve our faculty and the obstacles and barriers which can hinder such a program. I missed the first day because of the airline problems.

I met my beloved mentor Judy Mckimm who made me feel that I am in the right place at the right time. I met old friends who shared with me their vision about medical education at their country. I met our inspiring friend Trevor Gibbs with our grandfather of medical education Prof Harden and his beloved, beautiful assistant Pat Lilley without their support I would never have experienced this educational festival.

One of my nicest experience is meeting Amee members who did outstanding job : Catherine Kennedy , Lawri Farrell & Sheghley Ogilvie. They were very lovely and kind in making us oriented about the conference schedule. I met great leaders in medical education like Samy Azer ,Michelle McLean , John Dent ,Stewart Mennin ,Olle ten cate & Cees Van der Vleuten. They were very friendly, breaking my prejudice about people like them, I was afraid that they will so pride and difficult to talk with but really they were very humble and they offered our college their experience and readiness for help and collaboration.

Lastly I want to mention two ladies from Monash ,they are one of best experience in this conference: Elizabeth Molloynd and Deb Colville ,they were really empathic people who gave me the inspiration to continue my interest in medical education in academic degree.

I had returned home carrying with me projects and plans about initiation of the educational experience I lived in Prague. Thanks for Amee, which really did exceptional work which make us think globally but acting locally. I hope we can attend the next meeting in Milan.

Assist.Prof.Dr.Ali Tareq Abdulhasan Vice dean of Academic affairs Kerbala university-College of Medicine Medical education & curriculum committee [email protected]