Summary: Professor Madalena Patricio informs us of the activities that happened at the Healthcare Leadership School in Portugal in October 2015. Description: Following my last MedEdworld ‘comment’ let me share again my enthusiasm after another exciting initiative organized by young trainers for students and junior doctors. I am referring to the HEALTHCARE LEADERSHIP SCHOOL ( organized in Portugal on October 18 -25.
In participants’ booklet we can read the welcome message signed on behalf of the ‘Humans of Health Team’: We are very excited and honored to have you on board on our shared journey towards changing healthcare! We look forward to 8 days together in Portugal where we’ll learn, connect, grow and build on a beautiful future together. We have a team of skilled trainers that have formed a steady basis and conducive environment for the participants to learn and move out of your comfort zone. It all started a few years ago with a dream to change healthcare starting with inner transformation. This dream grew out to be a movement of conscious healthcare workers that are spread across the globe. This year, the movement has led us to the beautiful country of Portugal. We are both excited and humbled to be hosting our next edition in Gerês’s exquisite nature’
The program was organized around 3 pillars namely 1) Who am I? 2) Holistic Health 3) Making a Change.  I was asked to intervene in the first day under Pillar I ‘WHO I am?’ to share with 65 participants from Europe, Africa and America my story namely the mistakes I made throughout my life, what I learned from them, how I used them to progress, how I became what I am today…
The underlying objective was ‘to offer the upcoming generation in healthcare the opportunity to develop themselves and to cultivate a sustainable change that is rooted in deep intrinsic motivation. Our times of globalization and more visible interconnectedness open the door to cross-­generational and cross-­cultural connectivity’.
I cannot remember to have had such a great difficulty when preparing slides for a conference… I found myself confronted to the decisions I took during my life, the mistakes I made and how I ended as I am now.   As far as I am concerned I have learned a lot with this exercise but it turned out to be a ‘violent exercise’ to share what so far was my private life… I must say that I accepted the challenge without realizing where it would bring me and when I did my only wish was to give up but it was too late….
After my story I shared a Case Study based on the work done at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Lisbon (FMUL) in the context of ‘Module III_I Clinical Medicine:  the Doctor the patient and the person’ where 350 first year students are sent every year to the community to institutions supporting vulnerable people namely  prisons, old age homes, centres for refugees, minority groups, institutions for handicapped people,  etc. to give each student the opportunity to acquire/develop  the capacity
  • To recognise and value the differences and vulnerabilities in individuals and society
  • To critically reconstruct himself to adapt and respond to society needs
  • To discover the Doctors’ new roles namely as agents of change to transform society
The FMUL experience of Teaching in the Community was shared in Gerês because I realized its objectives were perfectly aligned with the objectives of the HEALTHCARE LEADERSHIP SCHOOL to help participants:
  • become aware of their own identity and potential as an individual and as part of this generation of young leaders.
  • become aware of their future role as key figures in their societies.
  • rediscover compassion in their healthcare environment.
  • give medical students skills in change management, productivity and synergy.
  • expose medical students to the scale of different healthcare change organizations and models.
  • create a community of medical students sharing a vision on healthcare.
It took me 5 hours to go to Gerês and five to be back immediately after my one and a half hour talk but If I was asked again I would not hesitate. Let me use this opportunity to congratulate the HUMANS of HEALTH TEAM on what they created in Gerês to transform students and young doctors.