Summary: AMEE’s International Relations Officer John Dent reviews the new Essential Skills in Medical Education (ESME) Student Online course delivered in early 2016. Description: The   concept of “the doctor as a teacher” is becoming increasingly current and is now a recognised component of undergraduate experience and postgraduate training.  
The ESME-Student course was designed to respond to the need for students to have experience in medical education and to affirm and motivate those with an expressed interest in the teaching role of a doctor.  An amazing 150 applications  from 36  countries applied  but  unfortunately , for  the pilot  course, we could only enrol 71  participants; 19 from Australia, NZ, Malaysia and  China, 30 from  the  UK and  a further 22 from  Europe, the Middle  East and  the  US.  

When designing this  course  we  wished to  take the  strengths of the very  successful  ESME-online  course but  present  the  topics in a  way  which  resonated  with student  experiences.  We were conscious of the many demands of undergraduate life so aimed not to overload participants with excessive amounts of prescribed reading.  What is fascinatingly interesting for established medical educators may seem of peripheral relevance to novices!  We also aimed to  provide a  balance  between material  provided as  hard copies  and  online access to  selected  papers  available on the  MedEdWorld  website.
Students reported: “It was helpful to be given a hard copy of the ”Essential skills for medical teachers. I enjoyed learning from hard copy resources.
I especially appreciated the practicality of the “Getting started brochures - I think I will come back to them when preparing my own lessons.”
Webinars with the user-friendly Adobe Connect platform were delivered in each Module by Ronald Harden, Richard Hays and John Dent.  Lively discussion groups were tutored by Richard Hays (Tasmania) together with Cate Kennedy and John Dent (Dundee).

The  course  finished in April and  we  are   pleased  that almost all the students successfully  completed the  course  and  have  been  awarded  the  AMEE–ESME  certificate registering  their completion of the  course and  interest in Medical  Education.  Their overall feedback was most positive, both for the content and the delivery of the course:

 “Thank you so much for running the course and always provide immediate feedback to us when we submit our assignments. I really enjoyed the course and am glad that I have gained some insight to the sphere of medical education”.
It was a  great  experience not  only to learn about how  best to optimise medical  education but  also to learn  how medical  education is  currently conducted across the world.”
 “I have really enjoyed this online course and really benefited in taking part. Getting formal teaching on "Teaching" has developed my interest in medical education further and I hope to use the skills that I’ve learnt here in the future”.

ESME-Student will run again in 2016 for 12 weeks starting on 18th January.  Registration details will be available later in the year but further information is available now on the AMEE website:  
Perhaps you could make this  known to students in  your  region  and  encourage  any  with an  interest in medical education to  pursue this by enrolling for ESME-Student, 2016 ?

John Dent, Course Leader