Summary: The key words in the title, and abstract of an educational presentation, conference workshop or symposium could be the starting point of a structured process for a participant to prepare for, and then take full advantage of the educational and training value of the session. Description: Last night, on the eve of an upcoming pre conference 13th APMEC workshop, and main conference symposium, the contents of a single slide came to me suddenly while taking a short nap subconsciously thinking about the process I recently went through to prepare a resource and presentation blog/website for this workshop and symposium: "Using technology to enhance teaching and learning - Making sense of research, and Developing scholarship" (
It occured to me that the following process could be one method for a participant to prepare for and then take full advantage of any faculty development session, and is guided by insights from the educational literature: of firstly reflecting on the key words in the title and abstract of the session, then asking what one knows about these key ideas (to activate prior knowledge), followed by undertaking self directed key concept pre session reading or literature/web search to add to pre session preparation (it is easier and quicker to learn something new when there is prior knowledge or some familiarity), then at the session making note of key take home points and illustrative examples (to reflect upon, and form links with previous learning, and personalise ideas to anchor new learning), and finally making a note and commitment to apply relevant ideas and insights in one’s own educational setting (to apply, translate and transfer training), followed by documenting and sharing the educational and design process which one undertook with other educators to participate in scholarly discourse and educational scholarship (please see single slide attached). [This slide is embedded in the session resource blog/website for a pre-conference workshop, and main conference symposium on "Making Sense of Research on using Technology to enhance Teaching and Learning", and "Developing Scholarship in using Technology to enhance Teaching and Learning" at 13th APMEC 2016; workshop and symposium presented by John Sandars and Poh-Sun Goh].
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