Summary: Dr Huang Yingzi, AMEE Ambassador for China, updates us on medical education activities in the region. Description: Trevor_China_Dec_1.jpg

It’s a warm winter that Professor Trevor Gibbs encountered this year in China, and it’s certainly even warmer in the classroom of the first ESME class held in Guangzhou by AMEE and the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat Xian University. The enthusiasm that he encountered by the first cohort of top specialists, for the 5 days’ exclusive tailored learning, must have added to the heat.
Being Professors themselves in their respective area from one of the most prestigious hospitals in China, be it Surgery, Cardiology, Obstetric or Gynecology, every student was more than surprised to find that medical education is a completely different specialty of which they have only stepped through the door as new learners, by the guidance of Professor Trevor Gibbs. And the first step is to realise that a good doctor doesn’t equal a competent teacher, the role of which is just as sophisticated, if not more.
Professor Xiao Hai Peng肖海鹏, the President of the hospital, initiated this meaningful start of the collaboration with AMEE in developing medical education in China several years ago, and this inaugural visit for an ESME course opened up what is seen as a long term relationship. His successful visit to Glasgow’s annual AMEE conference this year, accompanied by Professor Kuang, had been the catalyst of the decision to make faculty development a priority activity of his hospital. Social accountability is apparently shown in Professor Xiao’s progressive approach, considering that medical education is still in its infancy in China. No matter how hard it could be, it’s never too late to do the right thing for China, for the historic medical school which is the first for western medical education in China since 1866.  China, the most populous country in the world, is facing a rapidly aging population, which strongly implies that sustainability can only be ensured by fundamental reform of both medical education and the health system it belongs to. A crucial moment has come for AMEE to help China, by collaboration with Sun Yat Xian first affiliated hospital as the pilot for modern medical education, where thousands of specialists have chosen to work and stay due to its preeminence of medicine.

Trevor_China_Dec_5.jpgIt’s fascinating to see and feel the change here, through discussions with the course participants. The potential collaboration with AMEE in the future has ignited their interest in medical education and hope for further professional development as doctors, researchers and surely more as teachers. Just as Trevor said, It will help not just the Chinese, since both Finlay and Aimee, his grandson and granddaughter, will be able to be taken care of their health in China as well, by competent Chinese doctors guaranteed by competent medical education.

So here comes the ultimate question. Professor Ronald Harden, the founder of OSCE and father of medical education, are you ready now to come to China? May I wish you a happy new year and we all look forward to seeing you soon in March.