Summary: Is time management all it's said to be? Description: For friends and colleagues who celebrate this time of the year I hope you have had a relaxing and fulfilling Christmas festivities. The run up to this seasonal holiday in the UK starts in November and becomes more and more hysterical in December. Every year I promise myself to be organised and so not to feel that awful panic from about mid December onwards. It become obvious in the last week before the University breaks for Christmas most colleagues are trying to clear their desks. This of course means that they clear the work onto your desk. Every year I decide to join my colleagues in this endeavour but this year as in previous ones I failed completely.

I’ve been on many courses that have included workshops on time management. These are fine but they are usually predicated on the assumption that you can control your own commitments. Mostly of course this is true but often an invitation or request occurs which I have not expected. To stay on course one could naturally refuse these requests but how dreadful would that be. Some of the most interesting times I have had have been as a result of invitations sent at very short notice and so tempting that one could not refuse. Hence although time management courses may make life easier I’m not sure they enrich my life.

I did at least manage to send all my cards and give out most of the gifts before Christmas day itself but now having traveled north to celebrate the New Year in Scotland I find myself wrapping presents for the family I see at this time. So despite my best intentions I still find myself behind the times – so maybe next year…..