Summary: Dr Neel Sharma Description:
The lack of feedback in today’s medical school assessment process is clear. A simple grade is all that is obtained, and something that often takes several weeks to obtain. It is difficult to digest why feedback is not received. Although many will not admit to this, the release of feedback will provide students with access to examined material and pose difficulties in terms of further assessment setting.

Having signed up for a distance learning programme in medical education, I was relieved to find my feedback was instant. Not only did I receive a grade, I also received timely comments, both positive and negative, in terms of work completed. There was no concern as to whether these comments or my work would be made available to my course peers, simply a desire by the instructor to aid my learning.

There is no reason as to why medical students should not obtain appropriate meaningful feedback. Maybe the lack of online delivery has a part to play? I gather the assessment process in medicine is governed by both clinicians and educationalists and is heavily research based. So in research speak if maintaining patients’ care and safety to the highest of standards are in essence a graduate’s end point why are we not ensuring this?