Summary: Clinical medicine teaching with bedside clinics will never go out of fashion, it is the essence and backbone of learning, which prepares tomorrow's doctors as well rounded individuals to treat the ailing society. Description: On a busy Monday morning I muse over Sir William Osler's quote about the sailing of an unchartered sea being akin to seeing patients but learning without books.

I had a busy schedule of conducting bedside long case examination for six students who waited at the corridor of the hospital with anxiety written on each face. After briefing them all about the nitty gritty of the examination procedure and leaving them with a warning to be gentle with the patient throughout their clerking and examination I sighed. My patients were instructed too.

As the students began I sensed a stark difference in the theory knowledge and clinical acumen.Despite the fact that examination is an artificial situation and students put on their best behaviour. Where did I go wrong I reflect, in the modern era of technical gizmos, knowledge available at the flick of thumb?? Indeed the problem lies in over dependence on virtual environ, without balancing with real life learning experiences.

I leave the bedside with a resolve in my heart to adapt to Sir William Osler with a renewed zest to accomplish learning in my students holistically.