Summary: Jennifer M Laidlaw gives her opinion and thoughts on Blogs with reference to Professor Harden’s Blog 68: Ottawa at Houston. Description: Personally I don’t like the word “Blog”. It sounds stodgy and boring – a complete switch off.

Some time ago when Ronald Harden (RMH) mentioned to me that he was going to start a Blog my immediate reaction was negative – a waste of time and energy.  Today I have to admit that I was wrong!

Having been out of the medical education scene for the last two years due to illness when I neither had the energy nor the concentration to use a computer, I  opened the lid of my iPad today, logged in to Medical Teacher and, hey presto, was faced with Harden’s Blog of February 12.
How could I not be tempted to tap into his Blog to discover the significance of Diet Coke, Interprofessional Education and TIME which were on his agenda!

I very soon discovered why my email had not been answered. Apart from other activities, RMH was drinking diet coke at Texas Children’s Hospital and Baylor College of Medicine, Houston!

It was an interesting Blog and I was keen to explore some of the topics highlighted.  I was switched on rather than switched off, and proceeded to open-up the previous Blog.
An hour and a half later I had been transported through the Blogs to Singapore, Oman, Washington DC, Mauritius, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia, while sitting in the sunshine in the South of France.  I was totally exhausted and had been nowhere near an airport!

Along the way I had gleaned so much information of rapidly developing and exciting areas in medical education.  I was dipping in and out of the Blogs to learn more and it didn’t really matter whether I was reading them sequentially.
I even had the chance to break from medical education and explore Andalucía and the website to find out more about the riding school run by RMH’s daughter Susan.

Yes, there is a lot to be said about learning from an expert’s personal Blog.  From now on I can definitely consider myself to be a Blogger – even a keen one.  I am eagerly waiting for his next entry.

By Jennifer M Laidlaw