Date and Time (UK): Nov 30, 2021 - 09:00
Presenter(s): Subha Ramani, Eeva Pyorala, AMEE Fellowship Committee Members Host Institution: AMEE

This event is only open to current AMEE Associate Fellows.

Summary: Educators, seeking career advancement through scholarship, have myriad pathways for professional development. However, getting started on such pathways may not be clear to early-career educators. Definitions and standards for scholarship are often interpreted variably, thus getting from point A to B could be fraught with perceived challenges. In this workshop, organised by the AMEE Fellowship Committee, authors of the recent AMEE guide will clearly define standards for scholarship, describe the many forms of scholarship, provide opportunities for participants to reflect on their own career trajectories, and help craft a personal roadmap for academic advancement.

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Posted: Nov 05, 2021  by AMEE Administrator