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Date and Time (UK): Dec 13, 2017 - 14:00
Presenter(s): Hannah Leyerzapf, Janusz Janczukowicz & Petra Verdonk Host Institution: VU University Medical Center; Centre for Medical Education, Medical University of Lodz

This webinar is the third part of the “Diversity and gender in medical education for experts and beginners” series of AMEE on-line meeting. While the first part formed the theoretical foundation for discussion on diversity and gender, and the second part was focused on presenting practical teaching and learning methods, and sharing educational experience, in this webinar, we will discuss our experiences and the currently available evidence on assessing what is so difficult to measure- cultural competence and diversity issues in medical education. The webinar will cover both formative and summative assessment and the instruments appropriate to assess all domains of cultural and diversity-related competence. We will also discuss a non-yet fully understood implicit bias related to ethnicity, gender and other intersecting factors characterising the dynamics of interactions between examinees and examiners and influencing the quality of assessment consistent with principles of health equity and social justice.

For this webinar we are implementing a novel format with two facilitators presenting the formal part of webinar and the third moderating the chat and summarizing it at the end to give an overview of the discussion and the whole meeting.

Presentation Requirements:

A good internet connection.

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You can take as much of an active role in the webinar session as you wish. Although is not essential, it can enhance the webinar if you have a web camera and a microphone, this will allow you to speak and be seen during the webinar. Some laptops have this as standard equipment.

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