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Date and Time (UK): Nov 16, 2017 - 17:00
Presenter(s): Elizabeth Krajic Kachur PhD & Lisa Altshuler, PhD Host Institution: Medical Education Development, Global Consulting; NY, USA, New York University Medical Ctr

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With healthcare providers and patients moving around globally, cultural competence becomes essential. Over the last 18 years we have organized Culture OSCEs and single culture stations in more general OSCEs for learners across the health professions education continuum.

Aim of Webinar:

The session will review special considerations relevant for cultural competence training and assessment in OSCEs. It will be organized in five steps:

1. Needs assessment (what are frequently encountered challenges)
2. Case Writing (how to create effective case materials)
3. Station Preparation (recruitment and training of standardized/simulated patients (SPs) and simulated providers)
4. Station Management (how to help SPs maintain their case portrayal)
5. Program Evaluation (how to assess station effectiveness). Best practices will be addressed.

Expected Audience: Individuals concerned with cultural competence training

Presentation Requirements:

A good internet connection.

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