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Date and Time (UK): Oct 05, 2017 - 14:00
Presenter(s): Dave Davis, MD, FCFP & Mary G. Turco, EdD Host Institution: Mohammed Bin Rashid Univ of Medicine & Health Sciences, Univ of Toronto, Giesel School of Medicine

Much research in medical education focuses on medical students and their learning environment, and - with less emphasis – on the residency training period and its challenges. There exists however a huge research agenda related to the education of practicing clinicians, representing the field of continuing professional development, often termed CME or continuing medical education. The agenda, derived from the last, longest and arguably most important phase of health professional education, is critical to understanding and effecting best outcomes in healthcare and optimizing health professional performance.

In contrast, most faculty members think of ‘CME’ as the delivery of lectures, thereby missing the breadth, scope and potential of lifelong learning and the opportunity to create and improve clinical learning and practice.

This webinar will focus on ways to increase faculty interest in the study, impact and improvement of CPD at local and national levels by: providing an overview of the field and the current state of knowledge; presenting topics as yet un- or under-researched; and providing examples of dynamic, evidence based research and scholarly entities in North American medical and health sciences schools and specialty societies.

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