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Date and Time (UK): Sep 14, 2017 - 15:00
Presenter(s): Marko Zdravkovic, Debra Klamen & Shelley Parr Host Institution: University Med Ctr Maribor, Southern Illinois University Sch of Medicine, Southampton University

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Higher levels of student engagement (SE) have been linked to improved academic performance and institutional growth. As the winners of ASPIRE excellence awards and active members of the ASPIRE Academy, the presenters will engage participants in an informative and reflective webinar on how to better enhance SE in medical schools.

We will examine standards for excellence in SE in order to motivate and guide programs/organizations in identifying priorities for their own growth and improvement. Hopefully, a careful consideration of the ASPIRE standards will help programs target initiatives for themselves.
This webinar is designed for faculty and staff from medical schools wishing to learn about excellence in SE and how they might achieve same at their own schools. Medical students are welcome as well!

Presentation Requirements:

A good internet connection.

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You can take as much of an active role in the webinar session as you wish. Although is not essential, it can enhance the webinar if you have a web camera and a microphone, this will allow you to speak and be seen during the webinar. Some laptops have this as standard equipment.

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