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GAME Webinars

Introduced in 2017, in association with AMEE MedEdWorld, the Global Alliance for Medical Education (GAME) offers webinars with a focus on worldwide innovation and collaboration in Continuing Professional Development.

For more information and how to access each free session, please visit each individual GAME session below.

Upcoming GAME Webinars
The Autumn series of webinars will start September 2019

All GAME webinars are open access. All sessions will be conducted on the Zoom Webinar platform.

The world clock translator available at may assist you with translating the webinar times into your time zone.

Title: GAME 2019#FuturistForum. What did we learn about the future when we convened leaders, influencers and visionaries from the international medical learning ecosystem?

Presenters: Alvaro Margolis, President and CEO, EviMed Corp USA.
Suzanne Murray, Board of Directors GAME; CEO and founder, AXDEV Group.
Thomas Kellner, Board of Directors GAME; Head of Medical Learning UCB Biosciences.

Date: 1 November 2019

Time: 14:00 GMT

Summary: Game seeking to ensurwe that the international medical education community is ready for the evaluation of healthcare and how it will impact the discipline and practice of medicine. To achieve these goals, a two-day session was scheduled for October 18-19 2019.
By bringing together world leaders, influencers and visionary stakeholders, from many fields, including learning sciences, medical and health education, continuing professional development, performance improvement, patient safety and population health - GAME intends to engage participants in an exchange, dialogue and exploration process that could bring forward lifelong.
learning translation in healthcare.
High level outcomes and discussions derived from this two-day forum #FutureForum will be shared during this webinar to further evolve the thinking and inspire potential solutions. Anyone interested in the future of medicine and healthcare how this may impact the medical learning ecosystem should attend the webinar.

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GAME Archives
Global Alliance for medical Education (GAME) is brought to you by the AMEE GAME Committee and is a series of free webinars focusing on the topic of global medical education presented by professional and experts in the field.

From 2019 archived webinars are available free of charge to AMEE individual and Student members. AMEE Institutional members also enjoy one free group access to the archives while AMEE Premium Institutional members can offer individual access to members of their institution.

2019- recordings are located in the 'Archived Webinars' section.

The recordings of GAME sessions from 2017 to 2018 can be accessed using the "Access Archive"  links below.

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS): a disruptive inovation in CME?
Alvaro Margolis in association with CPD and GAME
May 2019
Recording located in the archived webinars section

Effective strategies for successful quality improvement
Dean Beals, Rachel Deerr & Stan Pogroszewski
February 2019
Recording located in the archived webinars section

Patients and professionals: our budding collaboration in programme development - Pippa Powell & Amy Farr
30 November 2018

Designing and implementing a worldwide assessment and evaluation system - Miriam Uhlmann & Michael Cunningham

12 April 2018

Identifying the needs for competency-based education in Europe: a needs assessment of cardiologists across 52 countries - Suzanne Murray & Celine Carrera
13 March 2018

Planning is priceless plans are useless  - Jo Varney
7 December 2017

Optimizing the effectiveness and impact of CPD by integrating principles of behavioural change - Lisa Sullivan
11 October 2017

Experiences in international interactive online CME from latin America - Alvaro Margolis
24 May 2017

Alignment India: towards a structured CME ecosystem - Vaibhav Srivastava
12 April 2017