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Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) - Below are a list of commonly asked questions on SIGs.  You can also download a PDF version here.

  1. What is a SIG?
  •  A SIG is a Special Interest Group. Some special interest groups are open access and some are by invitation only.
  • Unlike forums, SIGs have individual moderators who have created the SIG for a specific group of people such as the AMEE Postgraduate Committee.
  • The prerequisite for joining a SIG is summarised within each group area on the SIG homepage.  You should only request access to a SIG if you meet these requirements.
  1. How do I create a SIG?
Email [email protected] with details of the SIG such as Title, Description, the educational area and the type of access to be permitted (open access or invitation only).
  1. Can I join a SIG?
 You can join a SIG if you meet the prerequisite requirements and you are:
  • An AMEE individual member (login with your AMEE username and password or purchase a membership).
  • A registered user of MededWorld, (login with your register user login details or register for FREE).
  • You must be logged in to MedEdWorld in order to join a SIG otherwise you will see the “Require Login” notification:

  1. How do I join an open SIG?
To join an Open SIG, just click on the SIG title and you will see all of the threads that have been created:

Once you have opened a SIG, you can post a new thread to it or subscribe to the forum (if you subscribe you will receive a message every time a new thread is posted to this group):

When posting a new thread, your user name and email address are automatically populated. In addition to adding your post contents, you can attach files to your post and by selecting “subscribe to post” you will be notified every time someone responds:

Clicking on the individual threads will enable you to reply to the thread and you can include the quote in any response by clicking on the “quote” option. You can also subscribe to the post (you will be notified every time someone responds to this thread).  If you feel the content of any thread or reply is abusive you can Report this:

5. How do I join an invitation only SIG?
Click on the “Request to join” option - if you are not logged in you will see "Require Login" instead and you must log in or register on MedEdWorld to be able to request to join:

You will be asked to confirm your request:

If you select “Yes” your request is automatically sent to the SIG moderator for approval and the status will change to “Pending Acceptance”.  You will not have access to the SIG until this request has been approved which may take up to three working days:

Once your request has been approved you will be sent a confirmation email with a direct link to the SIG.

6. My question is not answered here, what can I do?

Please contact the MedEdWorld Administrator at