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Social and Behavioural Sciences in Medical Education This SIG is for anyone interested in Behavioural and Social Science teaching in medicine.
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Kevin McConville - 29/08/2019 14:56:44
Edinburgh thoughts
Just a wee query, slightly Edinburgh centric...just to stop you enjoying Vienna too much for a moment (can you tell I 'well jel')

In my intercalated Med Ed degree, one of the modules is on policy and practice so we have arranged for the students to go along to visit/watch Parliament in November. That session will run 1230-1600 so I was wondering if there might be something within Med Ed / social sciences that I could get them to engage with in the morning...a very broad remit I know. Its a cohort of 20 students...all and any suggestions welcomed.


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Jeni Harden - 29/08/2019 15:22:14
RE:Edinburgh thoughts
Sounds good!

A few ideas
Could look at some work on health policy eg
Breton E., De Leeuw E. Theories of the policy process in health promotion research: A review. Health Promot. Int. 2011;26:82–90.
Clarke B., Swinburn B., Sacks G. The application of theories of the policy process to obesity prevention: A systematic review and meta-synthesis. BMC. Pub. Health. 2016;16:1084.

And/or could look wider at ‘responsibilities’ esp in relation to public health concerns – role of govnt (UK and Scottish); role of local authorities; NHS…. Creation of new ‘Public Health Scotland’
What is role of public health policy? – link to governance and surveillance
Eg David Armstrong’s work https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1111/1467-9566.ep10933329

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james tinker - 19/06/2020 06:45:20
RE:Edinburgh thoughts
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