Author: Corker D Publication Year: 30/05/2013 Description: Physicians have not been adequately trained to handle end-of-life care. Communications skills, specific end-of-life care training and support for physicians dealing with death and dying are needed. This qualitative phenomenological study attempts to gain the physician’s essences, meanings and understanding surrounding death and dying. Starting with themes revealed in literature, in-depth interviews were used to ask selected physicians providing care: How does death affect them? Are physicians receiving adequate training in end-of-life care? Does the medical culture still see death as failure? How do they find meaning in end-of-life care? Using three different groups of physicians: early in career; mid-career; and retired, the research attempted to examine the phenomena of death and dying over a period of time and the developmental experiences of physicians. Medical curriculums have made changes to teaching methods and curriculum content designed to facilitate students’ personal growth and incorporate end-of-life issues.
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