Author: Dent, J.A. and Harden, R.M. (Eds.) Publication Year: 2013 ISBN: 0702045519

Summary: This text provides an important bridge between the theoretical aspects of medical education and the delivery of enthusiastic and effective teaching in basic science and clinical medicine. Description: An edited collection of 50 chapters by 73 authors from 14 countries, this book provides an international and multi-professional approach to topics of interest to all healthcare teachers.

The book covers all aspects of teaching in medical education, from curriculum development and educational management to approaches to learning and the delivery of teaching and assessment.

In recognition of the continual emergence of new topics of interest to medical education, this new edition contains seven new chapters: * The hidden curriculum * Team-based learning * Patient safety * Assessment of attitudes and professionalism * Medical education leadership * Medical education research * How to manage a medical college.