Author: Cumming, A. and Ross, M. Publication Year: 2008

Summary: The Tuning Project began in 2000 as an EC-funded initiative to develop core learning outcomes/competences for degree programmes in Europe. It aimed to promote harmonisation in the Higher Education sector in support of the Bologna Declaration and subsequent developments. Description: The Tuning (Medicine) Task Force began in 2004 and has generated and gained consensus on a set of learning outcomes for primary medical degrees in Europe.

The outcomes are expressed as a two-level model, with 12 major 'Level 1' outcomes each being further defined by a set of more detailed 'Level 2' outcomes. A further set of outcomes has been defined under the heading 'Medical professionalism', many of which are common to graduates of other disciplines in Higher Education.
Level 1 outcomes and 'Medical professionalism' are suitable for implementation as 'curriculum themes' and applications such as blue-printing of assessment programmes.
Level 2 outcomes may be used to determine discrete items of teaching, learning and assessment.

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