Author: Scottish Deans’ Medical Curriculum Group Publication Year: 2008

Summary: The approach in 'The Scottish Doctor' offers a holistic and integrated view of medical education that emphasises the relations and links in clinical practice between the outcomes in the different domains (Harden et al 1999). Description: The outcomes are based on the following essential elements of a competent and reflective practitioner:

• What the doctor is able to do;
• How the doctor approaches their practice, and;
• The doctor as a professional.

These three primary elements give rise to 12 domains:

• Clinical skills
• Practical procedures
• Patient investigation
• Patient management
• Health promotion and disease prevention
• Communication
• Medical informatics
• Basic, social and clinical sciences and underlying principles
• Attitudes, ethical understanding and legal responsibilities
• Decision making skills and clinical reasoning and judgement
• The role of the doctor within the health service
• Personal development

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