Author: Howitt P, Darzi A, Yang G, Ashrafian H, Atun R, Barlow J, Blakemore A, Bull A, Car J, Conteh L, Cooke G, Ford N, Gregson S, Kerr K, King D, Kulendran Publication Year: 2012

Summary: Collaboration between The Lancet and Imperial College London, UK, has resulted in a new Commission, which examines how medical technology should best be used to improve health in low- and middle-income countries. Description: According to hospital inventories, an estimated 40% of healthcare equipment in developing countries is out of service, compared with less than 1% in high-income countries. The inappropriate deployment of medical technologies from wealthy countries plays a major part in this high failure rate.

Instead of relying on hand-me-down technologies from wealthier countries, which can be costly, inappropriate for local conditions, and even dangerous, the authors urge a renewed effort towards developing what they call "frugal technologies"—cost-effective technologies that are developed specifically to cope in local conditions.

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