Author: Bundy, C., Cordingley, L., Peters, S., Rock, J., Hart, J. and Hodges, L. (BeSST) Psychology Steering Group Publication Year: 2010

Summary: A report from the Behavioural and Social Sciences Teaching in Medicine (BeSST) Psychology Steering Group Description: Behavioural and social sciences are relevant to medicine because they can improve understanding of patients' health and illness decision-making and the presentation of symptoms, and be used to support learners and the learning environment of medical education. However, there are a number of barriers, attitudinal and conceptual, that have prevented better use of the B&SS in medical education to date. Recent developments of a curriculum in the US, and the UK GMC recommendations that the contribution of B&SS be recognised have fostered a more favourable environment to introduce a core curriculum for psychology. . This report recommends a range of core and applied British Psychological Society (BPS) curriculum topics for inclusion in undergraduate medical curricula.
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