Journal: BMJ Open Author: Ryan, P., Luz, S., Albert, P., Vogel, C., Normand, C., Elwyn, G. Publication Date: Jan 2019 Volume Number: 364
Description: Most doctors have never had their communication skills formally assessed and do not know how they compare with their peers. Glyn Elwyn and colleagues explain how AI might facilitate this and help improve interactions with patients

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been defined as the capability of a machine to mimic intelligent human behaviour.1 To limited extents, AI has arrived. We can give orders to our smartphones and talk to devices such as smart speakers and ask them to update us about the day’s weather and traffic. They don’t perform perfectly, yet the ability to understand and respond to human speech is advancing rapidly. How long might it be before speech recognition, machine learning, and other developments in AI will offer tools to medicine, and how might those tools offer insights into what happens between clinicians and patients?
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