Journal: Patient Education and Counselling Author: Kron, F.W., Fetters, M.D., Scerbo, M.W., White, C.B., Lypson, M.L. et al. Publication Date: Apr 2017 Volume Number: 100 Issue: 4 Page Numbers: 748–59
Description: To assess advanced communication skills among second-year medical students exposed either to a computer simulation (MPathic-VR) featuring virtual humans, or to a multimedia computer-based learning module, and to understand each group’s experiences and learning preferences.

A single-blinded, mixed methods, randomized, multisite trial compared MPathic-VR (N = 210) to computer-based learning (N = 211). Primary outcomes: communication scores during repeat interactions with MPathic-VR’s intercultural and interprofessional communication scenarios and scores on a subsequent advanced communication skills objective structured clinical examination (OSCE). Multivariate analysis of variance was used to compare outcomes. Secondary outcomes: student attitude surveys and qualitative assessments of their experiences with MPathic-VR or computer-based learning.
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