Journal: Medical Education Author: Bryan Burford, Jan Illing, Charlotte Kergon, Gill Morrow, Moira Livingston Publication Date: Feb 2010 Volume Number: 44 Issue: 2 Page Numbers: 165-176
Description: MSF is seen as the workplace based assessment for addressing areas commonly considered ‘difficult’ to assess. This paper surveys’ user perceptions of MSF (Mini-PAT or TAB) from the perspective of first year foundation trainees, their raters, and supervisors tasked with delivering the feedback. Interestingly whilst attitudes were generally positive towards MSF – in itself notable at a time when many are jaded by major changes and competing pressures– most respondents were ambiguous in their views about its worth in either identifying doctors in difficulty or in providing developmental feedback. Supervisors seemed the least positively inclined towards MSF to fulfil these functions and one wonders why this is so? Is it that MSF is thought to highlight those trainees that lack insight? Since this continues to be a thorny issue and one not easily addressed, educational supervisors will require support to deliver MSF feedback in what can be perceived as a potentially highly charged situation.

It seems that much needs to be done to win the hearts and minds of clinicians as to the benefits that can be gained from using MSF. Without this MSF may be relegated to the bottom of the assessment league table.

SUBMITTED BY: Lynne Allery
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