Journal: Medical Teacher Author: Shaw, S.C.K. & Anderson, J.L. Publication Date: Mar 2017 Volume Number: 39 Issue: 7 Page Numbers: 686-90
Description: Dyslexia is a common learning difficulty. As a result of SS’ own experiences as a medical student with dyslexia, we have been researching and teaching on this topic for the past two years. Here, we present twelve tips for teaching medical students with dyslexia. These are gathered from our personal experiences and research, discussions with other educators, and wider literature on the topic. This article aims to shed some light on dyslexia, and also to make practical suggestions. Teaching students with dyslexia should not be a daunting experience. Small changes to existing methods, at minor effort, can make a difference – for example, adding pastel colors to slide backgrounds or avoiding Serif fonts. These tips can help educators gain more insight into dyslexia and incorporate small, beneficial adaptations into their teaching.
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