Journal: Medical Teacher Author: Turner, S.R., White, J. and Poth, C. Publication Date: Oct 2012 Volume Number: 34 Issue: 10 Page Numbers: 792-795
Description: One effective way to help prepare medical students for clinical training is the implementation of a near-peer shadowing programme, in which pre-clinical trainees shadow clinical trainees. This article describes techniques for ensuring the effectiveness of a near-peer shadowing programme in the hope of improving the preparedness of students for clinical training. A list of 12 tips were developed by combining a review of the literature with a reflection upon the authors’ own experiences with developing a near-peer shadowing programme, in which first-year medical students shadowed first-year residents. Both successes and failures were identified, both in the literature and in the author's own experiences. These can be used to inform the development of future programmes.
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