Journal: Advances in Medical Education and Practice Author: Antonia J Clarke, Annette Burgess, Christie van Diggele, Craig Mellis Publication Date: Aug 2019 Volume Number: 10 Page Numbers: 693-701
Description: Reverse mentoring is a relatively contemporary concept that relies on the reversal of the traditional roles of mentor and mentee and the abolition of the mentorship model as an apprenticeship or hierarchy. Typically, a younger specialist takes on the role of mentor and an older, more experienced specialist the role of mentee. Reverse mentoring is founded in learning and social theories of mentorship and has been practically applied in information technology, business and education fields. However, there is a role for reverse mentoring in medical education and the health sciences, particularly with the inclusion of new technologies in a changing health landscape, and the emphasis on interdisciplinary teamwork and improved workplace culture. Further investigation and analysis of reverse mentoring is warranted, with a particular focus on the implementation of the reverse mentor model in the field of medical education and the health sciences. To assist those considering implementation of mentorship programs in their workplace, this article provides an overview of recent literature, with suggested applications of “reverse mentoring” in the medical education context.
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