Journal: Medical Teacher Author: Maree O’Keefe Publication Date: Jan 2010 Volume Number: 31 Issue: 12 Page Numbers: 1060-1065
Description: This study describes the Colleague Development Program, which was created for the peer review of teaching among Health Sciences Faculty at the University of Adelaide. Forty-two teachers, representing 6 disciplines and academic appointments ranging from tutor to tenured professor, enrolled in the program. Twenty-three teachers completed all study components. Participants asked trusted colleagues to provide peer observation of teaching interactions and post-session feedback. Program evaluation was based on participant surveys and focus group discussions. Study findings included enhanced teacher confidence and collegiality. It was observed that advantages of situating peer evaluations within friendly partnerships are increasing trust among colleagues and reducing the potential insecurity associated with receiving feedback.

Support links: The colleague development program: a multidisciplinary program of peer observation partnerships