Journal: Academic Medicine Author: Frederic W. Hafferty and Brian Castellani Publication Date: Feb 2010 Volume Number: 85 Issue: 2 Page Numbers: 288-301
Description: Hafferty, perhaps best known for his work on the hidden curriculum, has made a significant contribution to medical education by his analysis of what is meant by professionalism. At a time when the topic is very much on the agenda, his insight is of particular value. Writing in Academic Medicine (2010. 85, 288-301) he describes the increasing complexities of professionalism. He highlights that traditional conceptions of what it means to be a professional - as a stand-alone entity - are neither systematically realistic nor ultimately sustainable. There is now wide recognition that in medicine we have defined professionalism to narrowly in terms of a doctor/patient relationship, ignoring the broader societal role and responsibilities of a doctor.

SUBMITTED BY: Ronald Harden
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