Journal: - Author: World Bank Discussion Paper. Publication Date: Dec 2020
Description: "This World Bank Discussion Paper presents a "start local" approach to the design, delivery and financing of high-quality comprehensive Primary Health Care (PHC) by well-trained PHC team members in rural and underserved communities. It describes socially accountable, immersive community-engaged education woven into a the facilitated education and training pathway that starts with recruiting local students from rural and underserved communities, then provides their undergraduate clinical education in these communities, and is followed by postgraduate training to produce PHC providers who have the skills and commitment to address the health needs of the population they serve."

"According to Albert Einstein, insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. This World Bank Discussion Paper reimagines service delivery models, education and training, recruitment and retention of the Primary Health Care (PHC) workforce with a "start local" approach from the perspective of people living in rural and underserved urban areas around the world, particularly in low and middle-income countries."
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