Journal: Medical Teacher Author: Hans Sjöström, Leif Christensen, Jørgen Nystrup & Hans Karle Publication Date: Mar 2019
Description: Background: In 2003, the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME) published the Trilogy of Global Standards for Quality Improvement of Medical Education, covering all three phases of education in medicine. The intention was to provide an instrument to be used by medical schools and responsible authorities in quality assurance and improvement of medical education. The standards were revised in 2015.

Results: This paper reviews 29 published articles dealing with the practical use and analysis of the standards. 21 papers deal with basic medical education, six with postgraduate medical education and two with CPD.

Conclusion: It is concluded that using the WFME standards can be a profitable endeavor with documented impact. Standards should be used as intended, i.e. as a template modified with local specifications.
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