Journal: American Journal of Medical Quality Author: Wickersham A, Zavodnick J, Thum A, Robertson B, Ackermann L. Publication Date: Mar 2020
Description: Abstract
Interdisciplinary rounding has been shown to improve patient safety and provider engagement. Many models for interdisciplinary rounding have been proposed but few focus on preserving bedside medical education. The authors changed the interdisciplinary bedside rounding model to accommodate more time for medical education. The objective was to assess perceptions of communication, care coordination, and teamwork surrounding this change. Resident and attending physicians and unit-based nursing staff completed an anonymous online survey prior to and following the rounding intervention. Length of stay on medical units also was monitored prior to and following the rounding intervention. Following the intervention, there were perceived improvements in interdisciplinary communication, care coordination, and teamwork, and there were no significant changes in length of stay.
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