Journal: Australian Journal of Teacher Education Author: Wendy Hillman Publication Date: Jan 2003 Volume Number: 28 Issue: 2 Page Numbers: 1474
Description: Successful execution of PBL does not come effortlessly (Todd 1991: 135). PBL is not a way of teaching and learning that can be adopted and then discarded as another passing phase (Bligh 1995: 325).
It can be thought of as a way of taking higher education into the future. The bonus from this mode of teaching comes from the intellectual stimulation provided by the energetic levels of motivation and eagerness of the students in such a curriculum (Coulson and Osborne 1984: 229; Engel 1991: 31).

PBL does not dispute aptitude; rather it is a way of accumulating a particularly significant type of expertise. Neither does it negate the significance of subject material, or makeup. Rather, it locates
content in a dynamic perspective which makes it accessible to the students concerned (Margetson 1991: 50).
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