Journal: Advances in Medical Education and Practice Author: Oyibo, S.O. Publication Date: Sep 2017 Volume Number: 8 Page Numbers: 669-74
Description: Having peer-reviewed articles published in medical journals is important for career progression in many medical specialties. Despite this, only a minority of junior doctors have the skills in the area of medical article publishing. The aim of this study was to assess junior doctors’ views concerning being involved in medical article publishing and whether they perceive involvement as an effective method of teaching.

A cross-sectional survey was administered to a convenience sample of doctors who had been involved in medical article publishing. Questions concerned training and involvement in publishing as junior doctors, effects on education and training, is it an effective method of teaching and should publishing be part of their education and training program. Questions used the 5-point Likert scale. Of the 39 doctors, 37 (94.9%) doctors responded.
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