Journal: BMC Medical Education Author: Wong G, Greenhalgh T, Pawson R Publication Date: Feb 2010 Volume Number: 10 Page Numbers: 12
Description: We can safely say that e-learning works (or at least that it can work). The relevant questions now facing us are: When should we use e-learning, and How do we use it effectively when we do?

In this literature review ("realist review"), Wong et al make substantial progress in answering these questions as they seek to discover "what works, for whom and in what circumstances". Realist reviews address complex interventions (and medical education is certainly a complex process!) by first identifying theories that explain the observed outcomes, and then seeking evidence to support or refute these theories.

Although the answers are far from definitive or complete, the conclusions and pragmatic guidelines advanced by this review move us one step closer toward the development of effective e-learning experiences.

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