Journal: Academic Medicine Author: Bokken L, Rethans JJ, Jöbsis Q, Duvivier R, Scherpbier A, van der Vleuten C. Publication Date: Jan 2010 Volume Number: 85 Issue: 1 Page Numbers: 148-154
Description: Few studies have compared the instructiveness of real patient contacts with simulated patient (SP) contacts. Although most of these studies found no difference, students often comment that the instructiveness of both encounters is dissimilar. The aims of this study were to evaluate which contact (real patient or SP) is perceived as most instructive by students and which variables contribute to this. The authors performed an experiment involving 163 first-year medical students, randomized to having a real patient contact (n = 61) or SP contact (n = 102). Quantitative (questionnaires) and qualitative (focus groups) methods were used to evaluate the perceived instructiveness of the contact.
Support links: Instructiveness of real patients and simulated patients in undergraduate medical education: A randomised experiment.