Journal: MedEdPublish Author: Orner D, Fornari A, Marks S, Kreider T. Publication Date: Dec 2020
Description: Introduction: Resident as Teacher (RaT) curriculum continues to be recognized as a critical component of residents’ education. However, in busy clinical workplaces, there are time constraints limiting formal training for RaT. This study aimed to assess the engagement and acceptability of Just-in-Time-Teaching (JiTT) infographics, a novel RaT tool that provides digestible evidence-based knowledge & skills at the time & place where teaching happens.

Methods: The study focused on residents and faculty between July – September 2019, across 12 residency programs in six specialties. JiTT infographics were distributed weekly for six weeks. Engagement of residents was measured by open rates of infographics. Acceptability was evaluated using mixed-methods analysis of a questionnaire at the conclusion of the study, and a focus group with appointed resident and faculty champions. Descriptive statistical analyses were applied to ascertain preliminary results.

Results: Overall, 76.2% (198/260) of residents opened infographics, with an average engagement rate of 64.9% Analysis of acceptability evaluations revealed infographics to be effective and had a positive impact on teaching style.

Discussion and Conclusion: JiTT infographics function as an educational approach to support teaching strategies in the busy clinical setting. It can be adapted across diverse programs and integrated into a teaching toolbox for residents and faculty.
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