Journal: Academic Medicine Author: x Publication Date: Feb 2010 Volume Number: 85 Issue: 2 Page Numbers: 188-383
Description: The whole of the Academic Medicine February 2010 issue is based on articles to celebrate Abraham Flexner's contribution to the development of medical education. It is 100 years since he published his report "Medical Education in the United States and Canada" on behalf of the Carnegie Foundation. The guest editor for this issue is Richard B. Gunderman. The authors reflect on medical education's past and address the journey of where we are at and how to develop a trajectory to gain a greater understanding of what is currently happening and beyond. In particular, as Gunderman says, "the articles draw on medical education's past to gain insight about how to better educate physicians in the future". Such questions about what makes a good physician, how does the profession relate to civic life and communities, the balance in the curriculum between specialism and generalism, the length of training and the medical education environment, together with the tension between competence and creativity is very professionally addressed. This is a rare chance to gain insight into all these topics within a single issue. I would congratulate Academic Medicine for this inspirational issue, enabling us to understand the Flexnerian legacy and also the history of medical education.

SUBMITTED BY: Davinder Sandhu
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