Journal: Medical Teacher Author: Murdoch-Eaton, D. & Bowen, L. Publication Date: Mar 2017 Volume Number: 39 Issue: 5 Page Numbers: 540-7
Description: Curriculum Mapping – why do we assume learners know why we are teaching or assessing in a particular way?

This is particularly pertinent to the eternal challenge of how to recognise and act upon feedback , whether self generated or resulting from peer, or teacher comments on work. Whilst it may be apparent to course designers that the curriculum, its content and the delivery methods are sequentially changing as learners mature, it is often not as clear to either the supervisors or deliverers of the teaching session. Or even the type of feedback that the learners would benefit from most at their particular level of experience. The idea of curricular mapping is not a new one, but perhaps a reminder that this information is of value to the learners, not just a mechanism for monitoring curriculum content for medical schools is helpful. This paper recently published on Feedback Mapping in Medical Teacher illustrates this.
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