Journal: The Asia-Pacific Scholar Author: Harden, R.M. Publication Date: Jan 2018 Volume Number: 3 Issue: 1 Page Numbers: 1-5
Description: The ASPIRE-to-Excellence Initiative was established in 2013 to provide a mechanism where Excellence in teaching in a medical school received international recognition. Excellence was recognised in one or more of the following areas – Student Assessment, Student Engagement with the curriculum, Social Accountability of the medical school, Faculty Development and Simulation. Dental and Veterinary schools were included in the programme in 2015. To date, 23 schools from 12 countries around the world have received an ASPIRE award in one or more of the areas.

Experience gained with the ASPIRE-to-Excellence programme has established that it is possible to develop criteria on which excellence can be assessed and that schools benefit from participating in the programme and from the feedback received. The ASPIRE-to-Excellence initiative has created de facto standards for best practice in each of the areas assessed.
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