Journal: The Asia-Pacific Scholar Author: D. D. Samarasekera, M.C.E. Gwee Publication Date: Jan 2019 Volume Number: 4 Issue: 1
Description: We believe that curiosity is vital to learning. Many studies have shown that if a student is curious or the subject matter generates learners’ curiosity, then the student learning is deeper and that they remember better (Dyche & Epstein, 2011; Yuhas, 2014).

The quotation cited above is the editorial by Ignatius (2018) in a current issue of the Harvard Business Review. Ignatius, as the Editor-in-Chief, was drawing attention to the recent research “The Business Case for Curiosity” published in the same issue of HBR, by his colleague Francesca Gino (2018). According to Ignatius (2018), the “Recent research … points to several surprisingly practical benefits for business: … . In short, curiosity boosts business performance.”......
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