Journal: Medical Teacher Author: Roger Kneebone, Sonal Arora, Dominic King, Fernando Bello, Nick Sevdalis, Eva Kassab, Raj Aggarwal, Ara Darzi, Debra Nestel Publication Date: Jan 2010 Volume Number: 32 Issue: 1 Page Numbers: 65-70
Description: This groundbreaking article by Kneebone and his group merits careful study. As defined by Kneebone and co-workers, distributed simulation (DS) is a concept of high-fidelity immersive simulation on demand made widely available and whenever it is required. DS provides an easily transportable, self-contained ‘set’ for creating simulated environments within an inflatable enclosure at a small fraction of the cost of dedicated, static simulation facilities. This enables the use of high-fidelity simulation outside of the relatively small number of specialised centres. The authors frame DS as a ‘disruptive innovation’ with potential to radically alter the landscape of simulation based training.

SUBMITTED BY: Ronald Harden
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