Journal: Medical Teacher Author: Laura K. Molgaard, Kristin P. Chaney, Harold G. J. Bok et al Publication Date: Aug 2019 Volume Number: epub ahead Issue: of print
Description: Purpose: Despite the adoption of competency-based education in some veterinary schools over the past 15 years, only recently has a concerted effort been directed toward this in veterinary education internationally.

Methods: In 2015, educational leaders from the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges (AAVMC) member schools came together with a strong call to action to create shared tools for clinical competency assessment.

Results: This resulted in the formation of the AAVMC Competency-Based Veterinary Education (CBVE) Working Group, which then embarked on the creation of a shared competency framework and the development of eight core entrustable professional activities (EPAs) linked to this framework.

Conclusions: This paper will report on the development of these EPAs and their integration with the concurrently-developed CBVE Framework
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