Journal: Journal of Veterinary Medical Education (JVME) Author: French, H.M., Dascanio, J.D., Peterson, E.W., Gilbert, G.E., Wright, C.C., Wickman, D.D. & Bauman, E.B. Publication Date: Jun 2017 Page Numbers: 1-5
Description: Obstetrical chain placement requires location of specific landmarks and a certain dexterity that must be practiced. Use of low-fidelity models may not always provide students with a realistic experience. In this study we developed an anatomically correct high-fidelity calf leg model that would serve as a better teaching model for pre-clinical veterinary students than a pre-existing low-fidelity polyvinyl chloride (PVC) model. One hundred and twenty pre-clinical veterinary students were instructed how to use obstetrical chains with a low-fidelity PVC model and the anatomically correct high-fidelity calf leg model. After a 45-minute lab, students were surveyed on their experience with both models. Overall students felt the anatomically correct high-fidelity calf leg model increased accuracy in chain placement and provided more accurate landmarks, a more realistic model, and more real-life scenario training.