Journal: BMC Medical Education Author: Stephenson, C.R., Vaa, B.E., Wang, A.T., Schroeder, D.R., Beckman, T.J., Reed, D.A. & Sawatsky, A.P. Publication Date: Nov 2017 Volume Number: 17 Issue: 193 Page Numbers: 1-6
Description: There is little evidence regarding the comparative quality of abstracts and articles in medical education research. The Medical Education Research Study Quality Instrument (MERSQI), which was developed to evaluate the quality of reporting in medical education, has strong validity evidence for content, internal structure, and relationships to other variables. We used the MERSQI to compare the quality of reporting for conference abstracts, journal abstracts, and published articles.

This is a retrospective study of all 46 medical education research abstracts submitted to the Society of General Internal Medicine 2009 Annual Meeting that were subsequently published in a peer-reviewed journal. We compared MERSQI scores of the abstracts with scores for their corresponding published journal abstracts and articles. Comparisons were performed using the signed rank test.
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