Journal: Medical Education Online Author: Abdus Salam, Harlina Halizah Siraj, Nabishah Mohamad Publication Date: Jan 2008 Volume Number: 13
Description: Bedside teaching is an essential component of medi­cal education and has a long appreciated history of providing opportunity to the learners to use nearly all of their senses. However, faculty members increasingly combine clinical, re­search, administrative and educational duties, which lead to a decrease in bedside teaching. As a part of staff development program, the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) Medical Centre organized a one day bedside teach­ing skills workshop at Hospital Teluk Intan (HTI) for its staff. HTI is a secondary health care delivery hospital in Malaysia where UKM medi­cal students receive part of their clinical training. Participants recommended that the workshop was very beneficial for them and consolidated a partnership bond between the colleagues at the UKM campus and at HTI community which was encouraging. Teaching at the bedside learners provides an opportunity to observe a humanistic approach from an experienced clinician and learn from this. We just need a careful planning and some budgeting of time for bedside teaching with specific purpose to promote humane physician for 21st century.

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